Soul Calibur V - Leixia Vs Viola

Im getting the Collector's Edition cause it releases 10 days before the original release (Jan. 21 [catching a head start]) and just so I can troll with Dampierre. It seems like even though Daishi + The Dev Team still kept the core aspects of Amy but just changed the weapon. Glad about that lmao. Might as well just named her Amy but I'm thinking they wanted to make both of the characters relevant and their stories interesting because the father daughter thing was pointless and uninteresting. Good Thinking Guys!!
Leixia looks mediocre. Viola on the other hand? Nothing short of spectacular. I'm interested in seeing the possibilities in the story between her and Raphael. AND CyberConnect2 is doing the storyline (if you played any Naruto games thats the company doing the story in those games) so I'm expecting a kind of mushy dialouge between Violamy and Raphael lmao. I know I'm thinking to far ahead but hey it's keeping a brotha busy, I'm SICED for this game mane!
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Can't wait for Viola combo vids!
I didn't think viola was amy until the gameplay. The moves are so simlar... Viola did B + K facing away (Amy's) and her foward B + K is her kick when she slids minus the sword.
I think I hear some one losing with tira in the background. Around :55 or 57
Finally, some Amy gameplay, I mean Viola! *hope no one read that."
well im disapointed with the fact that we already have 3 clones lexia,natsu, pyrahh, when we couldve gotten 3 other great original moveset characters such as patroklos(although she uses shield and short sword,his moveset is different),viola, and S.w.e.i its a shame really, and im predicting bangoo will be anounced in the future, i hope not,cuz even if i dont know who he is exept that hes related to rock, he will probably be a clone too
Dat mature Amy...Jail bait no more.
MAN THIS IS SOO BEUTIFUL!!! so FUCKING HYPE!!!!! still not sure for the jan 1st release date though :/
Leixia's voice actor was surprisingly mature sounding. Looks like more of the same stuff as Xianghua as expected.

Viola looks amazingly good and exciting to watch. Looks like she can put on pressure but has short range without her ball.
It's like the 150$ is in my pocket already.
Viola looks extremely strong & difficult to fight. Looks like Amy hasn't changed much after all : ) I hope they somehow incorporate Amy into this. Yet again, Amy stays with two curls & straight hair -______-
wow that was preety bad ass. viola may be a anti-maxi...
I heard poor Tira scream in the backround at 57... :( But Viola you look awesome!
Viola's voice actress is definately Heather Hogan, that's good :3
she is SOOO gonna be my main.

Unfortunately, i can't tell who Leixia's voice actress is :/
I wish Natsu fighting stance was a little different like Leixia is to Xianghua.
Also, Viola looks like she will be a strong fighter with the right setups.
yesss! I love Viola! my future main ^^
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Viola is so fuckin' Amy.


Oct 21, 2011 at 12:45 PM
Posted by Soul
Recorded on October 17, 2011 at a Soul Calibur V press event in San Francisco.

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