Soul calibur v new cervantes tech aplication

That isn't a glitch--it was introduced in SC4.
This has been talked about a couple of times. It's just DC during the recovery frames of any move that leaves you back turned. The whole jf is even possible... wtf gimmick at best.
0:40 whaaaat the hell?? But you were facing away from him... lol!

I swear this game is so glitchy... Like when people low guard my mid attacks, what!?
Yes you could and side roll but, as far as mind games go your opponent is most likely to ukemi and try to hit you as you slide away and most importanly not expected cervy to bust out the guns. At any rate its effective about 75% of the time.


Oct 24, 2013 at 4:52 PM
Posted by bigbrook
Well this is a real live in game application of back shot shenanigans
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