Soul Calibur V TROLLING TO A1 RANKED COMMENTARY EP 6 (Rage Quitters Again??)

@ Feelmylance. Long Story bro lol
I like it, it's only ranked and if you can't mess about in there, where can you troll? XD
He's just giving most A rankers a taste of their own medicine. lol
I mean he's just playing a like most of them do when playing on rank match. Trolling the trolls! xD
w/e XD its all for fun 8wayrun lacks funny shit. This is the first time anyone has said anything bad about this series.
Thanks for posting this, I finally understand trolls. Look at all the attention you get <3
devon, he dosent seem like a douchebag, He is a douchbag
You seem like a douchebag.


Sep 27, 2012 at 3:46 PM
Posted by IRM
Hello everyone how have you been. I'm back again with another trolling to A1, and this episode is actually pretty funny. Fair warning i don't think this is my best commentary but i still think i did a pretty good job. Hopefully i can make you guys laugh have fun guys you make this worth it. Thanks for watching and taking the time to comment. Just keep up your interest in my vids and continue to stay Froasty. STAY FROASTY!!!!
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