Soul Calibur V: Yoshimitsu JF midscreen combo (147 dmg)


Mar 30, 2012 at 12:12 PM
Posted by Frostheart
(CH) a:B+K, 2a:B, RCC, 3B, JF 4AAAAA, a:B+K, 66A+B (147 dmg)
JF fun. DNK after a:B+K for midscreen RO on smaller maps. You can always do more JF 4As if you're feeling confident. The 66A+B can be ukemi-ed, but you can always switch to deathcopter-66A+B trap which would make it 179 dmg. I'm pretty sure the opponent would rather eat the former.

a:B+K timing after JF 4A is tricky, you have to wait a fraction of time before executing or it'll whiff.
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