[ Soul Calibur VI ] Hwang Ranked Match - Don't whiff even if you are Siegfried !!

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Dec 9, 2020 at 2:05 AM
Posted by Cupui
Schtauffen Journal Vol.15 :

This videos are replay only because I played it offstream.
But since the match seems good I posted it.

Since my opponent is Siegfried so I decided to compile it
on Schtauffen Journal. This is my day 1 Hwang and my
first time fighting Siegfried. Kinda funny when you
taste your own medicine I guess. When you familiar
using a character doesn't mean you familiar fighting them lol.

Hwang is one of my favourite back in Soul Edge
I even didn't play Siegfried on Soul Edge.
The first time I tried Siegfried is on Soul Calibur Arcade
so happy seeing him back so I tried it out.

Just like everyone said he's a complicated character
if you want to master him. But his basic gameplay
is pretty strong even if you don't really understand
all of his mechanic.

His 44B is insane !! much longer than
siegfried's CE. So far I enjoyed playing him in SCVI
The one thing I realized is he doesn't suffer fighting
againts long range character. At least that what impression
I got compared when I played using mitsurugi

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