SoulCalibur 5 Party Wolf vs CAT GIRL

Also, I'm a founding member of TITANSQUAD420SWAG. WHERES MY EXPOSED VIDEO?
Orangeislands31 needs to stop harassing innocent people. It's clear Ishimaru Jinrai isn't to blame. You should be blaming CATT GIRL. Also, nice airship music.
Say....How come ya dont put one against me :O I want to fight that Sieg swag
My my such hate around here xD and I don't remember PW ever using Pattycakes o:
@Zres and yes, beating people online proves you don't suck! xD XD xd Xd

Btw catgirl are you fucking delusional? Maybe that's why you never get the point...? Ehhh fuck it, I'm done here.
@Zres, no it's fine, allow me to explain, I actually deleted this video a little while ago as to not stir up drama.... =]

THEN, 2 days ago PW uploaded a match of an alt account of mine getting smashed by Fenris, which wasn't me, (because I beat Fenris once out like 30 online and put online so he'd notice me) and they cackled saying I suck. I figured it would be appropriate to at least give the uploader a reminder that they generally lose eventually to me when we battle =P
@Ishimaru Jinrai I'm sorry, I really mean no offense here, since I'm sick of all this drama, but aren't you the one who posted this video in the first place? It really feels like you're the one who started it this time.
I swear I've fought you before on my other GT.
@ Pocky Yoshi: Why do you even care whom I'm friends with? And why do you think I should care about how they behave on this site when members here clearly just insult them like they did to me...?

I'm sorry to rain on your parade, but 8wayrun members create the drama, not the player.
@ Pocky Yoshi: Stop being a faggot with your "conspiracies", let's get a mod in here who always does IP searches, compare it with her registered member, vs mine.

After that you can shut up and give me your apology PM. OWNED!
I didn't know I had to be important to have an opinion. Way to put me in my place, cat girl Kappa
I'm going to be frank once again, the AQI twins and Cat Girl have a few things in common: Quick to telling certain people they're idiots with a "No I'm better" mindset, quick to defending bruised egos with excuses, and quick to be petty.

I don't care if you all have different IP addresses and what not, or the fact you guys are best friends, look at the mirror of yourself, etc. Look. Why don't all three of you do thunderdomes to prove all of your haters that you're clearly superior?

If you can't do that, then all you'll be doing is wasting time provoking others. All I'm seeing is tons of bark and very little bites. If you have time to post some old grudge, you have time to do a thunderdome or two. No excuses.
Both are trolls with no intention of doing constructive posting on this site and live only to make people on this forum hate them. I'd say it's a possibility.
@HydroJamesAqua: Thank you!! =] Well first off I only have 3 GTs on my console, and Kynu Kitty and I have both played each other MANY times in the GC, I could upload matches of us playing... she's obviously more of a casual who likes making fancy CaS, I even let her copy my Yoko Litner CaS.

If I knew how to mod the first thing would do is make a hobbit Astaroth, then a naked Ivy with Tattoos using siegs style! =P


Apr 18, 2014 at 5:26 AM
Posted by Ishimaru Jinrai
LOL! Another titanSquad member falls to my blade! Ironic they can't beat me, so they end up accusing random E5 ranked players of being me... I guess I'm just too strong for them to beat? =P

(This is a revenge upload btw... THANKS!!) ^__^
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