SoulCalibur 6 First Gameplay (GameSpot): Mitsurugi Vs. Sophitia

@E4Ducky: I had the worry that Reversal Edge might be overused during fights, but I'm sure there's measures to punish it. Maybe if Reversal Edge was tied to the Critical Gauge, would that make it less "spammable" and therefore require more strategic thought before executing? It does look pretty epic though :3.

I'm with you on Mitsurugi. Let's hope SCVI has a good balance so every character is competitive!

@SoNG-Of-SiLeNCe: I wish they did too, since she's so fun to play imo T^T. Oh well, I'm sure more videos will pop up showing us more of Sophitia in action ^^!
God damn I hope the Reverse Edge won't be that common of an occurrence. I like my SoulCalibur to be free of all the wooshy-wooshy bullshit that MVC3 and other fighters have. The attacks can stand on their own with their own intensity, no need for stupid light shows and over-use of slow down.

Excited for new Mitsurugi having relic back as well as some new stuff. He was so basic in 5 it hurt. Now I'm worried he'll still be overpowered as F. AND be versatile.
It really is so beautiful. My eyes are blessed T^T!
That 1st round was hilarious XD
00:39 - Mitsurugi: Fight properly (●o≧д≦)o


Dec 18, 2017 at 5:07 PM
Posted by JKT
(Not my video, content belongs to GameSpot)

We pit Mitsurugi against Sophitia in the first hands-on with SoulCalibur 6. Gameplay was captured on PS4.

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