SOULCALIBUR IV Original Soundtrack

Glacial Colosseum is the only good song on this shitty soundtrack.
Worst in the series imo, i keep music off all the time when playing.
Oh and Phantasmagoria! I love circuses!
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Got this on my comp. <3
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Got this on my comp. <3
Twilight Dwellers. A successful remake of Wings Of Despair from SC3, Tira's song. I love it!
Yeah, Immaculate Pledge is good. The woodwind that comes in partway is so reminiscent of a Final Fantasy Tactics track... I bet that section, if not the whole track, was composed by Masaharu Iwata (one of the FFT composers, and a collaborator on the SCIV OST).
On a positive note, Immaculate Pledge is phenomenal. I will say that much in its favor.
I get that people tend to look down at SCIV’s OST as relatively weak, but seriously it’s not bad at all. Listen to Tempered Soul, Innocent Vision (not as good as Ephemeral Dream, I know), Destiny Will Tell (awesome!), Winds and Memories, Entwined Destiny, Path of Destiny.... That’s just a sampling, there are other good tracks. Just to be positive, you know... not arguing that it’s better than other SC scores. Anyway, thanks for uploading this.
I hope they can get back up to par with Soul Calibur 3's music for SCV. I really do.
This SC IV soundtrack is the clearly the WEAKEST in the series. And by quite a lot actually. Shocking.
It has Thanatos...that's about it.
Not one of the better soundtrack endeavors... nowhere near as good as SC3's soundtrack.


Feb 17, 2011 at 1:56 AM
Posted by Jaxel
Complete Japanese soundtrack from Soulcalibur IV for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.
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