SoulCalibur Lost Swords - PS3 - The battle begins here! (Trailer)

This has been one upset after another sense day 1 of LS.
I swear if they could put the same amount of effort into another REAL installment...
I was testing stuff...
oh god why? why does this exist?


Dec 5, 2014 at 11:03 AM
Posted by Jaxel
SOULCALIBUR LOST SWORDS, new free-to-play on the PlayStation 3 will launch this Spring.

SOULCALIBUR LOST SWORDS will feature a new item discovery and forging system as well as elemental-based fighting mechanics.
Special elemental effects such as Wind and Fire will be imbued into weapons scavenged from defeated enemies as well as forged from equipment collected by the player.
You will have to strategize which weapon to take into battle for a successful win.
SOULCALIBUR LOST SWORDS will provide an incredibly deep single-player experience built upon the award-winning 3D weapons-based combat.

Soulcalibur Lost swords will be available for free on Playstation 3 in spring 2014.
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