you know whats gay? people putting all that crap on their characters to "distract" their oponents and give themselves an advantage making their oponents not be able to read them as well
I hope this video wasn't made to demonstrate only getting perfects. There were actually a few of matches where the player had gotten hit. That raph player landed a hit at 12:57 during the GB and then again with 6BB at 13:00. Also the Yoshimitsu match started to blur/transition to the next match when the other player was at about half health. We don't know if they managed to sneak a hit or not. It's also somewhat disrespectful to the player; it's like saying "He's not going to win anyway; nothing left to see here."

Also, with a character like "Hate-Mail man," it's rather sad that you'd made a character that would deliberately give you an advantage by obscuring your attacks. Shit like that is one of the reasons why online is never taken seriously.

I'm not trying to pick apart the video, but those things irritate me.
Good job with video, nice play but big thumbs down for the thunder drum/dark man abuse - you should be ashamed of yourself.
Nice concept. I liked some of the ZWEI setups. Boo for the drums obscuring Nightmare and boo for the music haha.
Can you do a Tira one, if already can you send me a link? :D


Jul 15, 2012 at 1:43 AM
Posted by FinalLifeG
Took a while to make this happen, from countless online player-matches, but i did it! If you don't like the music just MUTE it lol, enjoy! :-P

This may help others that uses the same style's (Nightmare & Zwei), as shown in this video. :-)
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