SoulCalibur V - Algol Combo Video

After a few min in practice mode, the 2nd (@ 0:22) combo does 121-122 damage, but after messing around with it, its possible to use 2 8AB's (@ 0:24), if timed and spaced right, before finishing into 33/99A... to increase the damage of the combo to 134 damage. I was repeatably able to include the extra 8AB
Read my post in the Algol combo forums, it's post number 247.
Thanks guys!

Tetsuo: What do you mean? If you're reffering to the start of the most combos in the video, it's just for those bubbles to be used later. It doesn't combo into anything. In these cases the actual combo starts with 44B, 66B or 2B+K bubble.
i like the combo at 2:40. flashy as hell
AWESOME!!! Creative stuff man!


Aug 12, 2012 at 12:40 PM
Posted by DrunkenSnake
Yep, these combos are mostly completely useless in a real match. I hope you'll enjoy it anyways.

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