Soulcalibur V - EPIC ORB SAVE FTW

And now I present to you all... The sequel:
Hint, it's not as good as the original. -_-
Technically Algol can do the same thing. Anyway, Viola's orb keeps going until she gets HIT. They're supposed to continue moving on block so what happened here is completely legitimate. It's stupid to attack Viola after an orb call because the whole point of the orb call is to lockdown the opponent's offense for a moment.
Here's the entire fight:

I think you'll find the suspense is good enough that it's worth me not telling you who wins.
That ball saves me a lot, you have no idea. Who won at the end anyways?
Don't hate cause you're on the "Viola's OP" Bandwagon.
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That is pretty damned nice.
It might've still be processing when you were trying to watch. If you still can't see it, here's the direct link on YouTube:
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I can't watch this for some reason


May 19, 2012 at 2:33 AM
Posted by Cla
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