Soulcalibur V Guard Burst Glitches

I can't find any good ones for natsu yet. I was hoping 2Ba or 4a+ba worked, they didnt.
Why would Ivy's 4B break? This only works for specific moves. And it is pretty glitchy, cuz moves like Ivy 2B and Hilde 2A+B can break like this, but FC B or FC A+B doesn't. So you have to do basically WR 2B/2A+B (or the other methods shown)
This may seem pretty new, but as I noticed a year or so ago, Dampierre has access to this via FC 6B. I don't really see it as a glitch, but rather as a FC added property, I dunno.
Kinetic clash says her 2B and 1B break with the glitch
You can get while rising moves after you jumped, so I not that surprized. I tried with Ivy, but her 4B doesn't break :(
Yeah it works in real matches. Some characters don't have any moves that exploit this glitch though.
So have you tested this in a real match as well? If so then this is a pretty cool discovery, and might be really useful for the characters that that have a heavy guard break game. Cool stuff man =D


Mar 23, 2014 at 12:26 PM
Posted by Party Wolf
I may update this description with the specific moves... or not.
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