SOULCALIBUR V - Lobby Crashers (Ep. 8)

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Apr 23, 2013 at 9:43 AM
Posted by CjHN2
A player match lobby featuring Christopher, Kris, CC, Captain Liliana, Dark Sakura, Maya, Reulus and Kirsten Dunst - 4/22/13

Record: 7-1

the guy playing with Patroklus, Alpha Pat and Nightmare is the host of this lobby. I hate it when that happens on my controller - i thought I pressed 4A instead of 7A; I should have won the first match.

Maya vs Patroklus CC - 0:00
Kris vs Leixia CC - 2:45
Reulus vs Tira CC - 5:25
Dark Sakura vs Mai (Natsu) - 7:20
Liliana vs Alpha Pat CC - 10:09
CC vs Devil Jin - 12:52
Kristen Dunst vs Fran (Patroklus) - 15:20
Christopher vs Nightmare CC - 17:44
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