SoulCalibur V Online Match Digest Episode 6

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May 4, 2012 at 3:45 PM
Posted by Revin122
Played on SoulCalibur 5 on the Playstation 3. If you have any tips / complaints / critisms / rants /suggestions, please comment below. thank you.

I know we have a long episode today but I had a lot of good matches recently that Imy replay slot got filled. Ok going to make a switch between the audio for the PS3 and 360. I'm setting english on my ps3 and japanese on the 360. Its a long story why. Recently, my game is getting sloppy online and i'm figuring it out why. I guess its too much exposure offline and trying to pull off JG.

Stay tuned for episode 7! To add or not to add commentaries that is the question

For this episode:
@0:00 Ezekiell (Nightmare) vs Leixia
@2:44 Ezekiell (Mitsurugi) vs Patroklos
@5:35 Ezekiell (Alpha Patroklos) vs ZWEI
@9:45 krossjosh (Hilde) vs Patroklos
@12:47 TrippsilveR (Maxi) vs Patroklos
@16:29 Ezekiell (Nightmare) vs ZWEI
@20:14 ZWEI vs cappo30 (Pyrrha)
@24:29 ZWEI vs SmokN_aCE518 (Cervantes)
@27:47 simplekindoflife (Maxi) vs Siegfried
@31:04 ZWEI vs audioslave05 (ZWEI)
@34:42 Patroklos vs akosa86 (Natsu)
@37:39 ZuLLander (Siegfried) vs Patroklos
@40:20 sandmanahoy (Siegfried) vs ZWEI
@43:47 watch240 (Xiba) vs Leixia
@47:37 ZWEI vs Dragonejo (Natsu)
@51:01 Patroklos vs ManilaSunrise (Viola)
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