SoulCalibur V Raphael vs. Hilde - MCM Expo Tournament (PS3)

mneme: Because he doesn't know that Amy is Viola.
Hmm. If Amy is Viola, why does Rafael have all those "Amy" taunts?
these guys suck, they both had full bars and never used it.... and they were playing as if it was sc4
...I...I like the graphics! :D Sadly, I don't care for the characters in this video, or the endless stage they're at. Hilde still looks extremely difficult to use. Sad, I really wanted to get into her fighting style.
I see Raph has a BBB (or new 6BBB), and 22B got buffed with KND on hit, a new 6AB attack, 1A still looks negative on hit, and I don't see Raph's awesomly annoying AB...


Nov 14, 2011 at 4:22 AM
Posted by KeigoNiwa
Raphael takes on Hilde in this gameplay movie from our MCM Expo tournament.
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