Soulcalibur V RayWarlord (Siegfried) vs PRINCE-KC-21 (Nightmare)

Well, Turns out this NM is NPH in another account. So in regards to him being bad. Yeah, enough said.

As for Anti NM tech, B+K is about the only thing really good against NM outside of having slightly better frame data. So making good reads is what the MU comes down to. NPH is horrible player that's very easy to read, so this fight is kind of a gimme.
Haha, glad to see that I've conditioned you to pull stuff off like 0:28 through the many battles we have had together. I take credits in giving you so much anti-NM tech.

This NM is bad... like really bad. I could come out of retirement and do better even.


Dec 26, 2015 at 11:39 AM
Posted by Raywarlord
Just a little exposure of a cocky scrub with an ego.
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