Soulcalibur V -Tira Wall Combo

Uhm, I agree with Tag. I would rather just go for ring out and positioning than damage. That being said, this tells Tira players to always be on the lookout after 3AA BE hits.
@mikosu Yes i know. The positioning is very VERY precise. Like I said in the description it's very unlikely you'll be executing this in battle. I was just going for max number of hits here. @TagYouRPregnant Thanks for the love ^_^
That whole combo is guaranteed yes but I wouldn't recommend it due to the nature of positioning and the risk of mood changes. Very nice reward if you get lucky.
Aaah! Forgot to mention, do 3AAA after GS 4B:B:B JF, 4A for the ring out. :P
BTW: A good tip to include is that you can have two options, you can continue the combo that you posted OR go for 3AAA BE or normal for a ring out if opponent is close to the ring. Tira has some good ring out game in SCV and I think it's best to finish the combo with a RO then giving your opponent a chance to come back. Just thought I'd share!
Sweeeet, I shall practice this! I always wanted to know a good wall combo with Tira so thanks for the effort! And thank you about my user name, a lot of people get a kick out of it, lol.
@TagYouRPregnant first of all, your username is fucking awesome. I did test it before with the combo mode features and at no point is the opponent able to tech in this one.
Can your opponent tech out of this at some point? Were you were able to test that out?
I Know, I accidentally cut out the combo counter. This combo is 29 hits.


Mar 14, 2012 at 5:28 PM
Posted by ASP3Nn
Very unlikely that you'll be able to execute this combo in battle. Just wanted to go for something fancy. Enjoy :)
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