Soulcalibur V: Unfriendly Matches Room

There are usually tons of Beginner's only lobbies. Not hard to find a match in ranked...
You should make a Alt "noob" account for this kind of swell stuff (with lowest stats/win ratio possible) for maximum effectiveness.

also How active is SCV online XBL compared to PSN?


Dec 14, 2014 at 4:16 AM
Posted by Marginal
Paisa Troll has inspired me somewhat. I have noticed a trend for people to just outright complain more and more lately even against the stupidest, simplest stuff possible.

The real lesson to be learned here? If something's wrecking you, figure out a way around it. That's exactly what SquaredOstrich did.

Trying to verbally shame someone into playing how you want them to? Doesn't work as well. Adapt or lose forever.

(Incidentally, apologies to Samsho etc who got removed from the room prior to recording. I needed people with mics who'd complain to illustrate my point. You lot are too damn carefree and micless for that kinda thing.)

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