Soulcalibur V - X360 / PS3 - Battle Replay 3 - Leixia Vs Zwei

@Matt - Your right, I see the GI memo at 5:52 lasting until 5:54, it might be an error or it could activate during the attacking part of the CE and only be applied if the opponent attacks her during it (on whiff/ block), the GI might even prevent whiff punishing until she's done attacking...
I think Leixia will be the "Amy" of SCV. Does anyone know what she's saying before before she hits with the CE?
OMG. Lexia's CE guard impacts. First noticed it at 5:50. Look at the upper left below her name to see the status/combo descriptors come out. You clearly see Guard Impact.
im freaking tired of Lexia
Instead of hearing "Just Kidding" over and over again, I get to now hear, "You're a Cheezehead!" over and over again.
2:34 - 1st CE clash I've ever seen.
2:26 - "Engage!" Wonder what that does, didn't take meter, looked like a GI...
Zwei definately has a bit of Talims moves from what I can see, 6B, 236B, 44B, 1A*11A, replacing her stances with Ein.
What looks like either a 4A or 44A leading into Ein might be a reliable move to catch step and create spacing.
6B seems like one of his best combo endings, perhaps if not for damage then maybe for RO or spacing? I'll have to wait until the 31st to know what the best combo ending is...
From 4:36 on, the Zwei player now is understanding Ein's ability to come from certain angles, I think this situation can create simultaneous Mid+Low setups. Zwei might be able to press with constant attacking options if Ein gives advantage which looks like it might be the case.
i think i keep hearing her say "you're a cheesehead"


Dec 12, 2011 at 11:57 AM
Posted by Di_PL
Here is the third Battle Replay starring Leixia and Zwei, played by top French community members during Paris Games Week event in October 2011.

Follow community activities on: and stay tuned for next battle replay to be released on December 19th!

Soulcalibur V will be available on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 on the 3rd of February 2012.

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