Soulcalibur V ZWEI vs Voldo

Zwei's starting to look like fun. I really wanna try and use him.
Very enjoyable to watch. Nice one!
watch out, ZWEI has a 80 meterless damage( 100+ with meter) duck punisher and you get wreaked if you disrespect it. Lets hope that voldo learned his lesson ;)
It's NC Zoom. It's not a bad move if you hit confirm it instead of just throwing it out.
Why does Voldo even have 6A+B,K? Duck and punish the shit out of it. Even players who are under heavy pressure will see that move coming.


Jan 23, 2013 at 12:02 AM
Posted by Steven_a
I'm the ZWEI. Trying to pick him up again. A kinda laggy match but a good match. He most likely doesn't know the MU
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