【SOULCALIBURⅤ TGN30】Semifinal Round B MaskedKT(VO)vs.Milan(SE)

BLAH. I wanted to hear the announcer with that CF landing. Oh well. I think it's clear the loser got completely outplayed here. It wasn't even close.
Voldo could have been utlized much more than how the person was operating with himm wasn't much of a mix up but straight forward fight just by looking at it, but he tried....! Enkindu would most likely Win this match!!!!

The Game setting seems to have like a Tekken 3 feel to the move set LOVING IT and how voldos moves flow into other moves!
Ok there's something here that I've been waiting to see for a while. MaskedKT tries to use his CE as a punisher on a blocked FC A+G. In SC4 that was -16 but it still gets blocked here.

It's possible that he didn't input it fast enough or it's also possible that voldo's CE is just really slow. I wish more people would have tried using their CEs to punish. Actually, I wish I had seen people try and punish more period. I'm hoping the frame data in this iteration doesn't favor the defender as much as it has the past 3 SC games. My fingers are crossed that very few attacks will be CE punishable, but CEs are just so fast...
You know, I think this is my favorite match thus far. All tourney long MaskedKT has been running a simple CR gimmick - that any random 236B hit or CR B hit will lead to a retarded high damage combo- and people have just kept pressing bad buttons versus it. Milan steps it the very first time he sees it, punishes it, and mind fucks KT into doing CR A the rest of the match, which never hits Milan anyways because he doesn't bother trying to step it again. Also worth noting that Milan, if he does get hit by CR B, ukemi'd the slide everytime- a few people did that in other matches but not with his consistency. That's the kind of brilliant stuff that made Milan win.

And that's pretty cool for -4 month gameplay, haha.


Nov 30, 2011 at 12:25 PM
Posted by masakarijin
2011年11月19日(土)TGN 30th Night『SOULCALIBURⅤ』Location test Entries 32
At Akihabara Clark studio
Commentary:Tsuno☆Kyou・Usiguchi・Director Odajima

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Semifinal Round B MaskedKT(VOLDO)vs.Milan(SIEGFRIED)
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