TGS 11: Soul Calibur V Gameplay - Astaroth vs Patroklos


I think Patroklos said "FUCK, you'll die next" at 1:27...not that it bothers me, but still, LOL.
I am so so so excited. YAY to Astaroth. I am so ready to play this frickin' game man!
He does have what looks like a normal BB. It was shown in a video a while back though.
Pat looks great. Odd though that we still haven't seen a standard BB out of him. Is it possible that he doesn't have one...?
I hope they change how Patroklos critical edge picks up off the ground.


Sep 15, 2011 at 9:06 AM
Posted by Malice
We managed to film a best of five rounds affair between recently announced returning fighter Astaroth and newcomer Patroklos at TGS.
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