The Amazing lxhizy (Cervantes) vs Doomgucci (Tira)

lol indeed, WS A+B kinda sucks in block, i didn't know it was side stepable, and I think i'm gonna have to check cervantes' frames, i'm not sure how negative his DC attacks are. And thanks :p
Hey good game here Ixhizy, it was nice fighting you!
Careful with using DC attacks (214) as a get-in tool, and I'm sure this match will have shown you why WS A+B is kinda rubbish.
I also like to use Cervy alongside Omega. You have a good taste in characters :P
Yo lxh, RID wants to fight youuuuu :O btw, this is nice stuff c:
I main Pyrrha omega and Ezio Auditore, my card is an Ezio picture though so yea, and i'm trying to learn cervantes. lol
Hehe you didn't notice that you could upload vids? Heh, idiot....I kid, I kid. It took me months to find that out. Do you use Cervy often? I think I saw you in GC the other day. You main Ezio right?


Dec 7, 2012 at 4:24 PM
Posted by lxhizy
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My Cervy sucks :(

Thanks to Marginal for telling me I can upload videos from the ps3 lol
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