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Aug 26, 2016 at 4:43 PM
Posted by ZER0
aptly named the ZER0 combo, why? because I invented it!!!!

Combo notations:
FC B+G w! ~ 11(B) ~ SCH K BE ~ iagA w! ~ 3(B) ~ SCH B

In order to get 11(B) to connect while you're back-turned you gotta do 433B because...
1) your controls are gonna be reversed
2) this allows you to buffer the 33 motion without altering your position too much and keeping you dead on facing the wall. (which is what holding G and then pressing 11B tends to do)

dmg usually ranges between 123-125, both being over 50% dmg

the dmg after the 3(B) becomes greatly scaled down, so while going for a second SCH K BE would indeed be swag and do more dmg, the dmg you get for meter you expend at this point is counter productive as both agA or CE, as combo enders, barely break 140 dmg
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