THUNDERDOME #47 Alex J vs Orangeislands

Damn, thugish_pond still alive?
Watched the first 5 minutes and was about to stop, then at the 5 minute mark with the taunt into mixups I was literally lol'in. Same at the 7 min mark. that voice is too funny.
Take it for a girl to complain about the clothes I gave her.
Your CaS of me was pretty inaccurate. I would never wear those boots or pants.
Nah, my treasured all time favorite CAS is Bibulus. Everyone knows this.
This is art at its fucking finest. The switch to Moneymuffins at the end... I so wasn't ready
FML The CaS was supposed to be named Alexis. J BUT ALEX WAS RUSHING ME.

I'm gunna go jump in front of a bus now.