Tira (DIME) vs Tira (rahzamel)

Why is there a censoring, I so want to know, and will we ever see what happened behind the censor in the future?
yea dude that was the some of the best fights ive ever had we got to do it again sometime dude
wow, amazing match! All the Tira doubters need to check this one out...and yeah, what was up with the censor mid match?
Nice match. Why you censor that bit in the middle though? It's just a normal combo
Oh no shit. rahzamel is not a random. well hes just not very well known. Hes from XBL. I used to play with him all the time. He has a sick ass Tira (which we just saw) and in SC4 he had a yoshi that would make me beat my brains in. Good to see hes on PSN now. Ima have to hit him up. Will be like old times!!
That was a good match. ^o^ I'm sure it was. Awesome Tira btw


Jun 29, 2012 at 2:50 AM
Posted by DeathInMyEyes
Made a lot of mistakes, but ah well. Its still a good match.

Ran into a random Tira player who was actually pretty damn good. We finished our set 12-2 my favor, but the guy was smarter than your average random player. This is the match that I liked the most out of our set.

I'm the red and black Tira.
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