Viola 207 DMG guaranteed combo

Trace, it does show 2 bars but when I look at the gauge, it doesn't drain so you must have set the gauge to infinite. At least set the gauge to 100% so we can tell how much gauge is used up.
You can tech left on the last hit, the rest is fine.
Have you tried it against AI. She always takes care to crush the dreams. Anyway, seems assured.
This is all guaranteed guys, I´ve tried with all types of rolls and ACs and it´s guaranteed! and is not infinite bar or wathever I use 2 bars for the combo, can´t you see it?
So this only works if all the beginning hits of the CE connect? Usually when people use her CE it sets up a couple of guaranteed mixups on block for her. But if you combo an orb hit into her CE that would set up this combo nicely. Basically it looks like 2 full bars can possibly earn her a round, much like Algol if you can land this combo consistently.
There's something I notice; you set both Soul Gauges to infinite. Did you also try this combo at max gauge instead of infinite?
CE BB 33B 44A(BE) 2K 2B+K(BE) -Run Forward- AAB 66B 66A+BB [207 DMG]...


Mar 11, 2012 at 12:13 PM
Posted by Trace_afj
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