WGC2K12 - Soulcalibur V Solo - 1/8 B Loser - Furzy (Yoshimitsu)[CH] Vs Tsubasa (Mitsurugi)[BE]

Good match, its retarded that yoshi has been reduced to FC 3k and 4K,B as his "Super" mix up tools... If hed have been punishing FC 3K and JG'ing 4k,B what would you have done then? LOL Yoshi is so ass now.


Feb 21, 2012 at 2:09 PM
Posted by Zou
WorldGameCup 2012
Soulcalibur V - Solo Tournament
1/8 Final B Loser
Furzy (Yoshimitsu)[CH] Vs Tsubasa (Mitsurugi)[BE]
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