Oh, I see what's going on. I was thinking 66K was TCing it but it's actually TJing it. The patch made it so you can't beat it with a F1 TC anymore after the flash, but apparently missed F1 TJs. F1 TJs are pretty rare (standard 8A/8K/8Bs TJ F3~) so I can see how it could've been missed.

Either way, this is great. Fuck Ivy.

EDIT: Correction to previous post. aPat 214 is not a F1 TC, but 2143a:B is.
For context:
It used to be possible to use ANY F1 TC to go under Ivy/Asta's CEs after the flash. Examples of things that worked were aPat's 214 stance and Leixia's B+K stance. The 1.02 patch changed this so these moves will no longer beat the CE. However, it looks as though Project Soul missed one.
Does this mean I can 6a+B under this


Mar 5, 2013 at 2:16 PM
Posted by Party Wolf
This does not work if you are blocking. You can 66K to avoid her CE at a specific timing.
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