lol im sure your yoshi is much better lol seriously me and bboy fight regularly if u think these yoshi combos are lame u are stupid his combos dont get any more complicated than this. u really are stupid check lolo out his combo vids are no more extreme than this lol u really are a hater mate
bboy-skyzo - I think you meant 2a:B for iMCF. These are all pretty lame combos.
its cool ^^, i dont know if its possible but you should try 4:A:A:A:A 2b:A ....
Nice combos. that fire move when your back it turn and when he hits you, i never seen that before.
ERrrr I liked it. Good shit.
Nice to see people contributing to the site, but I have to agree there isn't really anything new here. You're also giving up quite a bit of damage in some of these combos.
If you want to show your skills and contribute to this site, try uploaded some videos of you playing offline, not choppy recordings of your "skill" projects that pretty much brings nothing new to the table. It would be better for you to share your skills in a fight rather than trying to impress us with combos and whatnot that we've already seen a thousand times. Hell, I'd rather see you fighting the AI than see the same stuff I can find on youtube with better quality that still is somehow getting you praised like you're a Yoshi god.

This isn't to discredit your hard work, which I do acknowledge. This is a friendly piece of advice to help your rather bad rep around here.
i understand but i did this on my own nd every char has a skill project im just contributing to the site and showing my skills thats all. plus i hvent seen much on here anyway except lolos stuff its all worked out now nothing new exists.
Pretty much what BEENEEWEENEES said. However, nice work.
Nice man, I will be looking forward to more combo videos come SC5. You should get some recording stuff as opposed to just using the camera.
not much to say. they're nice combos but nothing that hasn't been known for the past 3 years. i don't think there's a practical combo anyone could come up with for any character at this point in the game's life that hasn't already been done in a video somewhere. good stuff, though, if you discovered these on your own.
Nice combo at 0:08 love that one.
plz comment on ur opinions good or bad


Sep 26, 2011 at 9:22 AM
Posted by craig
my second video 4 yoshimitsu a few more combos i find useful any questions please feel free to ask i will get back 2 very shortly thx 4 watching
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