this strat works really good with yoshimitsu also
LOL! That player needs to Ukemi! Stop rolling, and I wanted to say it's pretty cool how when she grabs pat she says "My dear brother..."
...assuming I'd always sideroll, not block or punish, or take 3 seconds to do a CE :p
@Tanhausser I think he just pulled a SPAM GOD.
@Reprobean I think Blue would do the same to you. He's CHEAP. Lol.
@WhYYZ the player was obviously trying to CE, but couldn't, so he/she threw instead. I can't say I like this video, since the player obviously had no idea what to do.
Seems like your typical quality GC match
lol @ 0:41. seriously? WTF!
lol thats funny... never understood why noobs dont block. you'd think theyd turtle if theyre getting spammed.
its always fun when they message you calling you a spammer or that you suck, smh TOO FUNNY.


Jul 9, 2013 at 1:41 AM
Posted by Blueboyb
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