Zero's Online Sets 2013 Vol. 1 (5 Fights)

@PNC - Thanks for watching. Likely three more to go before the years out. Unless I get a massive amount of good fights before then.
Just stumbled upon these... Music is great! I really enjoyed these.
oh yea, i keep forgetting that you can upload online matches
Nah it's all about the presentation, lol. I rarely put up one-sided beatdowns. Even if I was the one who gave it out.

And these are just online replays, lol. I didn't record them
lol i didnt even know you were recording. Well, at least you picked a match were im not lookin too scrubbish. GGs man, I still hate the match up.
Yo, I was thinking the EXACT same thing of myself when I nearly gave up round 3, lol.
Thanks. Your youtube comment was marked as spam so I didn't see it.
But yeah, stepping can be very risky in this game unfortunately. So you have to limit it to cetain ranges and certain times to get the most out of it. I get hit a lot too, lol.
Like I said on the original video: Your stepping is so godlike.... I always seem to get hit out of it when I try '^'


Feb 18, 2013 at 2:51 AM
Posted by ZeroEffect317
Just some fun online battles with Lex so far this year.

Match 1: vs. DeathInMyEyes "DIME" (Voldo)
Match 2: vs. Charbon "Lakshmibai" (Leixia) 1
Match 3: vs. Charbon "Lakshmibai" (Leixia) 2
Match 4: vs. SupHy "badass99" (Hilde) 1
Match 5: vs. SupHy "badass99" (Hilde) 2
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