Zero's Online Sets 2013 Vol. 2 (6 Fights)

yep, just have to train it, I miss it a lot for the moment but I trust it really interesting to do it in succés!
@Zappy - Didn't know that, lol. But yeah 8B+K, AA BE combo is hard enough as it is. Adding that extra backdash cancel probably makes it even harder.
G g zero, Maybe you don't know that but when you do gard crush after 66B or 44A like I see in your vid, you can do a backdash (after gard crush so ) and cancel it with 8B+K, you will be at a good distance to do AA BE ect... combos. The timming its not the easier, I miss it a lot for the moment but I think its a good point for Leixia.
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Really liked you vs. Aneudee.
That last match was awesome. Nice use of Asta 3A+G to negate 2K spam. Good matches Zero. (^_^)
Nice vid, also Final Destination track <3


Feb 28, 2013 at 4:43 PM
Posted by ZeroEffect317
Match 1: vs. ShinjiUrahara (Leixia)
Match 2: vs. JJJ "hueypiano" (Siegfried)
Match 3: vs. SaneOne96 (Ivy)
Match 4: vs. SaneOne96 (Natsu)
Match 5: vs. SaneOne96 (Pyrrha)
Match 6: vs. Aneudy "Aneudee" (Astaroth)
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