Zero's Online Sets 2013 Vol. 3 (6 Fights)

Great stuff as always Zero, we should play sometime.
It doesn't work, lol. I was mad the game forced me to stand into bomb after rolling a couple times, so I looked away from the screen.
Did that Natsu use 2A+B BKA 66B BE? I know it whiffed, but that looks like it can actually work due to some funky looking air control the opponent would probably have to know.


Apr 7, 2013 at 1:16 PM
Posted by ZeroEffect317
Match 1: vs. Aneudy "Aneudee" (Astaroth)
Match 2: vs. Woahhzz (Alpha Patroklos)
Match 3: vs. SaneOne96 (Ivy)
Match 4: vs. Yugo Baku (Mitsurugi)
Match 5: vs. Auditore SoCal (Natsu)
Match 6: vs. Auditore SoCal (Pyrrha)
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