Its legit, but you wouldnt get it, most people will B as soon as they see ein charge.
B+K BE 44A CE is the more viable version of this
it's very specialized, it doesn't mean it's useless. Reaction times decrease under heavy pressure...

You would probably have to "sneak" it in, like landing 22A, 1. Something different from using the K for a ground pickup and it still has the CE ending if it manages to hit.
Im a zwei main but this stuff isnt viable bro
Thanks Drake. You other fuckers are just jealous of the OP 1A.
you wouldnt even get the chance to 1A,. you would have gotten hit out of 1B
Yea, I was about to say the same thing Inori already said. His comment is more eloquently spoken than anything I could say. Lol.
Timing still has to be good, though. Buffer wrong and you end up sidestepping.

Of course if you use button binds, you have to remember to let go of B before inputting CE (A+B+K) or you will just sit there crouching.

If you have the patience for ZWEI I'm sure you will master it easily.
Legit. RCC is necessary.

You can hold forward and use 63636 CE input to make things easier.
If you can't react to a ZWEI 1A from neutral and interrupt it, then I'd suggest killing yourself.


Jun 14, 2013 at 4:03 PM
Posted by feelmylance
Legit or not? I think recover crouch cancel is needed.
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