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  • eh... can't recall who it was off the top of my head but i sent him a gg message and he sent one back that i didn't delete.. so i can give you his name when we play later. he was a maxi player that was aggressive as fuck. sigel did well, he wasn't a punching bag by any means, but this guy was pretty good. mind you i maybe was around for 4 or 5 matches, tops, so maybe the ~tables had turned~ later.
    he and i were in a room with another guy who gave both of us a hard time... i don't even recall if i actually had a match with him in that room because this player was pretty beastly. i had to go so i couldn't stay for longer than a few matches.

    i forgot all about jester val!!!! i'll finish her tonight. we'll have to squeeze in a few games before zombie killing.
    YES! i am looking forward to it too. poor soulcalibur, i've been neglecting it.
    you and your fucking psuedo-sarcasm-can't-tell-if-you're-joking-or-being-a-genuine-douchebag-or-not-shenanigans.
    me too! corey went out of town for the weekend sadly, but he let me have left 4 dead sooo i'll probably be on that shit every chance i get.
    i think it went well. the guy seemed to like me and he said i had a good personality. i should hear back from him by the end of this weekend/early next week. its for a little local italian restaurant around here as a server :)
    way ahead of working on that. unfortunatly i dont think this thing is being takin very serious at the moment. but i got a few "ringers" in mind
    we can just throw challenges out there and see who bites. basiclly someone from our team would start a room and invite members of the other team. and when we win, invite the next guy until every team member loses. the first to eliminate the other team wins. of course we will have to be an "online" only type team so it might get a little complicated but i think it will be all in good fun. gives us a chance to play some of the better guys on this site. ill try to make some kind of statement in the title of our team saying we play online only!!
    Thats pretty much the only way this could work. Of course, everybody has to be on the same system. As long as thats fixed, then there shouldn't be any worries. My Ivy group consists mostly of PS3 owners:(
    This ladder is open to Soulcalibur IV competitive teams only!

    Teams challenge other teams to compete for a global ranking; this does not have to be online, and can happen on any console. Simply challenge another team and if they accept, the two teams can duke it out in person. Ladder matches are not part of any tournament, thus there are no set rules. Teams can use ANY rule set they wish and agree to before their match begins.

    Generally, most team matches usually consist of an equal number of players on each team playing to "knockout" the players of the other team. A player, plays the other team until they lose; once they lose, the next player on that team steps up to play. The first team to exhaust all of it's players loses the challenge.
    i just started a thread asking how they will work. I did notice there seems to be an ivy team, didnt see a taki team but...i like that sort of idea of of making "special circumstance" matches like that.
    hey thats a good idea, i like that. but im just confused if like all the players have to be present, what are the match rounds supposed to be, if the leader isnt there does it still count. etc etc. i did the clan thing for cod4 via gamebattles some im ASSUMING it would work generally the same. we all come up with the rules before hand, agree to them and fight. but jaxel hasnt got back to me yet. ill hit him up again
    im not gonna lie i have idea. i have a message into jaxel to get the details on how that works. nobody on the team list has played any matches so i think everyone is confused.
    aw you and that wifey. compromise is the way to go, my dear. good luck at the offline business, xbl misses you!
    hahahah. i love not doing anything, jealous. you going to be on live tonight?
    multitasking... straightening up my place, fixing up my hair, getting some things ready for a psuedo job interview tomorrow, and doing some internet business all at the same time. how about you??
    I'll add you, now that Expert mode is done. I can go back to RAPE CLAWS and NOGGIN DONKS! God I love L4D.
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