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    This kid needs to go outside seriously, it must suck having mommy and daddy take his precious little 360 away, Rofl! Looks like they just turned his life support off!
    This Azure Kid is hilarious. He spends way too much time trolling/harassing people on the internet and then tells them to get a life.
    Go outside... there is a world out there you know...
    looks like youve gotten better, ive been playin on a new acct im gonna send u a freind request on xbl. Im on my brothers acct its micah monster so if u see a msg u should add me.
    Eh.. I'm not a lag tactic person really. I don't ABUSE the lows, and the lows I do aren't that devastating. Besides CR 1kk on CH. I mean, you still have to use lows. I don't do them that much. Besides Kilik's 2A I just love that move. =]

    If customs weren't banned I'd pick 2KB just for you.
    you can hit me up today (sunday) between now and 2pm or I should be around all day monday
    Yo baba, if we play I'm not gonna eff around like normally. =] I'm a lot "Better" In serious play, I want to see your moves 100% when I win my match. I wanna something new!! good luck.
    ok so playing your kilik a few weeks ago, inspired me to pick him up again. I was blown away that you could GB asura at will, when I cant even do it on accident.

    I have practiced my ass off and I cant get that down for shit. I cant figure it out. Got any tips or visual or audio things I should look for?

    P.S. Your vids in the xbox live thread were really sick. but they are mislabeled. you have that dragon guy down as playing tira. but its all taki!!

    of course i remember you. well unfortunately i probably won't be any time soon. i was using my meth head roommates xbox and account, and he is long gone. if i do though i'll hit ya up right away with my new account info :)
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    This will AUTOMATICALLY pull the information about your videos from youtube. If you don't do this, I have to put in all the information manually. I have deleted all your videos, please re-add them correctly next time. Also, don't forget to put in character tags.
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