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  • Hey, fella. How's it going? :D
    I haven't been playing much SC lately, but I'm up for a game sometime.
    Aren't you on PSN?
    Ah, nevermind. It'd have been nice to meet you and have some games over a few bevvys. I'll let you know when we next have one, though.
    I'm alright, thanks. Monday morning is killing me, though! Yourself?
    Right, so the gathering has changed back to it's original day. Some of the other lads couldn't make the new date, so the net effect was the same.
    How you fixed? That's a week tomorrow. Short notice, I know.
    Ah, shit. Well we're talking about it being a regular thing anyways, so if you can't make it this time there'll be one a month or so after.
    Any thoughts on going down to London for the RBs?
    Would it be possible for you to make the 2nd of May for the gathering, rather than the week before, mate?
    We've had a couple of drop-outs as it was a bad week for some. We'd have a better turn-out the week after.
    I live to serve buddy. If we ever are on at the same time, just gimme a holler and we'll try to set something up. I seriously suck playing vs voldo. Even though I main him, playing against him confuses the hell out of me. Need some serious training myself!
    You beat him easily, you serious? I´m always having a pretty hard time, my options feel heavily limited against him. His stance use is top notch IMO.
    Nice matches the other day!
    I can´t really give you a detailed analysis, in terms of safety and stuff, since I´m not that much of a theory fighter :/
    There where a few things I noticed though. You´d probably do better with more evades and stance flow. Try playing Kvalsternacka on PSN, you´ll know what I mean. I was able to GI a lot of stuff, hence the CF, which probably means your post GI situation (predictability) needs a little more work.
    I don´t really feel I´m in the position of giving you advice though lol, I just had a good day heh. You´ve got a good V, rock solid mixup.
    Right, it's gonna be Saturday the 25th April, fella. Should be a fair few of us there. Most of us will be bringing something to sleep in/on and you're welcome to do that or you can get a taxi home later. It's up to you.
    He lives in Malin bridge/Hillsborough.
    Well we're all hated 360 owners, so it'd be a case of using the shitty 360 d-pad or a stick. heh
    We'll be playing in a mate's living room on one set-up, so unless you were really opposed to using a stick you'd be fine using that.
    You're welcome to bring your own tackle if you're a smoker. I've given up with that mainly, but I'm sure others will be smoking. I think there'll be something in the region of 8 of us, with most of 'em not being hardcore FG players. Easy pickings! ;)

    I don't get out until 5! Bah!
    Heh, I'm also at work for that matter too. XD
    It'll be SFIV and SC4 on the night, played on 360, but on custom sticks so you shouldn't suffer if you're used to sticks.
    All you need to bring is your own beer!
    Jump in chat when you've the time, mate. A friend will be having a gathering in sheffield in the coming weeks. you're more than welcome to attend.
    damn um available 8 am -1:30pm EC time or 12am - 2:00pm i'll add hope we can get it worked through
    hey choas im leader of the new team jinchuu we wish to take you on you can get me on psn thru kurisukappsu or laswagga only if your instred through it will be a 3 on 3 match
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