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  • I'll send you a friend request before noon tomorrow and I'll try to be on in the afternoon.
    The internet was running really well last night, so I should be good for our match whenever you're ready today.
    So I tested the internet at the lakehouse on XBL, and it seems a bit spotty, but playable. I played a few good rounds, but a match or two was laggy in each. If it becomes a problem I'll happily concede the match for swiss tomorrow.
    .......Try to do it Tuesday if you can. Because of memorial day, I'll give you a couple extra days if it's impossible, but please try.

    I'm really not trying to send anyone up the river here. I want to do what's fair by everyone. I don't want to have to flip a coin, but if whoever officiates agrees the lag is unplayable, I guess I'll have to."-UnseenWombat
    "So benny won 1 game and in that game only 2 of the rounds were any good. Correct? In that case you still haven't finished the set and should play it to completion. For reasons I explained before, benny is up 1 game to 0. I think having me or Fahros there to officiate would be best......
    Alright so our situation has been cleared up. This what will happen.....the text is quite long so I'll do separate posts.
    Also, just to make sure this is known, I will be at a friend's lakehouse in Michigan on Tues, but I will have 360 and internet. If the match ends up too laggy b/c of my location we'll call the match in your favor.
    Hahaha, funny story, I'm actually going to a jazz club tonight, so I think I'll be available around midnight EST but I may be inebriated :S
    Looks like we're matched up for the Swiss tournament now. I'm playing my DE match on Sunday at 4:00 CST, does that time work for you?
    Hey man looks like we're up against each other for the DE side of things. We have to complete the matches by next Tuesday(5/29). So go ahead and shoot me a friend request on XBL w/you schedule and I'll merge it with mine. My XBL GT is available from my profile.
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