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  • Ya I can see how that would play out. I'm really pushing you to go so I'm not so alone either. We lower tier players have to band together. Partisan said Eli123s would proably let us stay at his place if we were to go. Also Partisan said something just came up so he isn't sure if we can play this week but if we do I'll get some games in with you.
    Haha, I havn't figured that out yet. Like you said it is still a ways a way I am not even sure if I can make it. I just wanted to give you a heads up if you were interested. Partisan and Elis (that Ivy player) are going. I'll be heading over to Partisan's tomarrow or the next day and talk to him about it. We will just sleep in the hotel lobby for the time being xD
    Yo, you should see if you can make it to Toronto on the 24th - 25th. Hopefully I'll beable to make it so I can beat you with my Taki again :P, haha anyways I think it would be worth making the trip. This time we'll both be travelling about the same distance so you wont be getting the 'Greatest Distanced Travelled Award' xD
    Yo. Is it possible to get Tira's GS 66666B after --- GS 2A+B 22A 44444K --- then the second hit of 44K?
    Maybe ice cream cake isn't the best idea. Tira is hard to adjust to. The style is very different than Taki's but I do like playing her as she punishes hard and with cool animation, thats all that matters right?. Train well, next time we meet I'll be busting out my new outrageous Tira and my non-joystick Taki.
    Hey! Your English is fine I'm not sure what your talking about. At times I was just having trouble hearing you over all the screams and clashes. haha. I'm just glad there was someone who was closer in skill level than those other guys. xD
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