I grew up in a life of anger and desperation. I was not the angry one at the time but that doesn't mean that I was never angry before despite the fact the people would say that I'm a little TOO nice and they would want to see me angry. Generally, I don't want to be in an environment full of anger. I want peace, love and adventure. If that's the reason why people would be angry at me for acting in the way that would honor a peaceful environment, then they'll just have to deal with it :) they can jump me if they want to because that's also how I grew up.

The most usual way that people would be angry at me for being nice, is if I'm nice to someone that they feel that no one should be nice to... That Happens All The Time. Whatever happened between you and whoever it is you're angry with, that's ON you two. I don't want to mistreat anyone with a problem that I DON'T have with that person.

Okay next umm... I once had an account on 8wayrun before. Somehow it was closed down. During the times I was on, it became more frequent that I was being rejected from entering chats and other features on the site. It seemed as though I was being banned. I didn't know what else it would be and that's how I was considering it... thoughtlessly. But I'm back in now and I hope no one haves a problem with that. I'm from the rejects! lol.

How I started getting into SoulCalibur? It was the character creation feature. I LOVE Character Creation in games. In real life I'm an artist and I do my own comics. I've only played SoulCalibur IV and V and it was mostly because of the character creation features. Back in IV, I mained The Apprentice. I always wished I could create a character with his style. But as the story goes from there, I started playing online, getting destroyed in ways that the computer hasn't done to me, never quit, began asking players for tips, made more online friends, began to adapt, got really good, began losing online friends because of that, ended up getting kicked out of sessions constantly, and then I found out about 8wayrun.

One would think that if someone plays just for the character creation, they would just be playing for fun. No matter how often I would sing it to players, they continue to say that I'm too good to be playing just for fun. I've played SoulCalibur for about 5 years now. You sure my progress isn't natural?

July 11


Xbox Live


If you want to become my friend, you'll have to speak to me first. I don't just add anybody.

Just because I've seen you before doesn't mean I know you.

It's this world along with your own world.

Everyone is the best in the world at being themselves.

I know who I like, what I like and where I like to be. They don't exist. All I can do is live in honor of them.

There's a big difference between being smart and having common sense.

You're weak only because you refuse to be strong.

Being angry only results in more anger.

Don't take it out on everyone because of what a few has done to you.

Losing in a game doesn't mean you can't play again.

ALL OF THE ABOVE: You'll find written in fortune cookies nowadays.



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