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  • Hey Mr. Coltzz I'm assuming you are from Nap but you could just love the Colts well I'm from Indy also and you are atop the Ladder so I had to just send you a challenge yes you may school me but I might surprise you so hey maybe sometime we can go at it
    Hi im from ohio if you wanna play some time please add me m216 br bandits , my biography is basicly same as yours :)
    came up with a secret weapon for my team. went to go challenge you guys again but for some reason i cant figure out how to do that. how the hell did you challenge my team.

    hell y eah man. That was some of the best rounds I have fought in weeks. Made me really keep on my toes. Almost every round I had was really close. Except for the perfects that I got and got on me. I didnt expect us to win cause Ive heard of you and little weapon, you guys are fuckin BEAST. would love to play with you guys anytime.

    gg's man

    p.s. Ill clear a few spots on my friends list for all you guys for sure!!!
    good games...albeit laggy at times. And very pro-asty first lvl..I don't even know why they would make a lvl as small as seesaw, but whatever. I kept tryin to break raph with y cuz i thought it was his y grapple u were using..then i remembered that his y grapple is the poking one...my mind was elsewhere...but ggs
    it would have to like 9 your time for that day. im in califronia and I dont get off work till 5:00 MY time that day. Ill be home at 5:30 at the latest on that day. if thats cool, ill make sure ill be around!!
    Yeah, i didn't dare pit him up against Raphael. I figured by that time, you were going to come out with your best, and i dont do well against Raphael with Algol. Then again, Ivy didn't help me out too much in that respect either so, maybe i should have stuck with Algol. When is a good time for your team considering the challenge?
    hey bud, i havent forgot about our challenge. I got a couple of the guys saying they can fight this weekend. exactly when Im still working on. sorry for taking so long but I am on it for you.
    sure. dont see a problem with that. gimmie time to let them know and I will for sure get back to you when I get them together. cool?
    My bad coltz. I know i sent you an invite but another friend of mine already asked me to play left 4 dead. I thought i had enough time to get our match in but i was wrong. I'm sure i'll run into you again over the weekend.
    Hey, i noticed that you sent me a challenge. I should be on live at various times over the weekend. Not sure exactly when, but just shoot me a message if i'm on whenever you want to play.
    Yeah man. I gotta say, you learn fast. Just when we were playing tonight, you found her quickest recovery moves, and used them for your playstyle which is good for close range. You pretty much negated my last post. I bet if you fight nash again, you'll see a difference.

    It was fun man, I got kinda addicted to the controller tonight. But I get like that when I go against a bunch of people that are good, it gets hard to break away. but good stuff man hit me up again soon

    oh and I'll probably check the site tomorrow, I got it on my bookmarks
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