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  • Hi there! Just dropping in to remind/pester you about voting and supporting SCV in the Fall Classic poll by oneframelink! Simply retweet this message https://tinyurl.com/SUPPORTSCV and you're done! If you do not have a twitter please take five minutes of your day to make one! You don't even need to bother with the account again afterwards! If you have already voted, then thank you!!
    ...hey there old friend... been seeing you on SCV, but not seen u in Global Colosseo... let me know if/when you want to spar online with our newly nerfed mains.. ^_~
    well coliseum is really laggy and average players there are so bad that most of them never block .-. next time i'll see you online i'll invite you...cya /._./
    ..look forward to it, though I'd like to apologize in advance for my even more 'limited' soph.. er Pyrrha Omega compared to the one i play bck in SC4.. =_= lol!
    as for colliseum, its a mixed bag... for every 3 'average' players you get... there's a decent-ish one that crops up and kicks your behind! >_< lol!

    I like it in that it has a higher turnover of matches... so its great if you just want to mindlessly play and there's no room with all your mates in it.. ^_^
    You, sir, have an epic avatar. That's all.

    Ciao bella or something looolz jk
    thank u sir aside the fact i am a male >___< ciao bellA is for female ....

    Dodo is the way
    Hey darkfender I know I threw some words at you before through a misunderstanding and I apologize for it. I came here to tell you don't bother trying to argue with the group in the Amy/Raphael thread. They refuse to ever back down off their high horses and logic so you're just talking to a wall. Personally I hope Amy goes and Raph stays.
    OK, so I finally got a router with a new connection. I've read that it's best to put the PS3 to DMZ mode instead of using port forwarding. What do you think about this? The router I have (Linksys WRT54GL) has the option to put one machine to this mode, so it seems I can use it for my PS3.
    Hey fender, I just posted some hatemail up on page 50 of the hatemail thread, trouble is it's in Italian and I have no idea what it says. If you get a chance would you mind translating it for me.
    Thanks man. =)
    Dude, i don't blame you. I love the Fable series really much too. Gonna' buy it soon
    We should play some more dude! Sorry for not putting up so much of a challange, i'm not so good against Raph's since i barely face one and i'm still trying to study Mitsu's strategy moves and such, he's pretty tough. =)
    LOL! @ the two of you.. >_<

    The ranking battles was never serious.. imho it would've been best if the matches played out regardless of lag queries since it will add SOMETHING to the EU ladder. Remember, the purpose of this 'non-serious' RB was mainly to 'rejuvinate' the online community, get more decent 4/5bar players out of the SSF4/T6 stupor and playing this superior game instead. & tbh, St. Lucifero's Raph is crazy safe.. but it is beatable providing you check your frames.. cause he'll be checking too.. Or you can perhaps use your Hilde since she's not banned here.. ^_~

    Truly surprised ur bailing out considering you were the one who roped me into this.. >_< lol! Keep the faith.. & an eye out for my PSN playing friend who's maining Amy.. but also uses Raph as secondary.. ^_^
    Man u miss basics and u talk a lot on this forum....
    Unfortunately you would be destroyed by ANY beginner OFFLINE.....

    I just continued to punish your mixup/unsafe moves and still u talk about lag?
    Baah when doing a round of almost only BB is not enough i think the only button permitted is G whereas you can use alll ur laglows -.-
    I would prefer we respected partisans wishes and continued here. First and foremost, ask tad yourself, he was pissier about it than I was.
    Also, before you even begin to discuss theory with me, kindly get some experience offline as no Raphael in their right mind would take a Siegfried the way you did offline. Siegfried is not a conventional character: anything of any use to break momentum is high, giving free 4B's at will online & as a safe sieg game is a bad game, I have no choice but to take risks whereas you do not. Consider raffas frames, paticularly on block, then look me in the eye and tell me lag does not help your game. Are we clear?
    i thought ive seen ur name before
    ur st.lucifero from gfaqs

    lol im 99ssadaB
    ...not played against u in a while in XBL.. hope to see u online again.. need to play more challenging raphs.. ^_~
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