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    Mantis crawl and reversal edge

    Zas's RE is one of the slowest to release. If he RE parries pretty much anything in mantis, you can MC B+K to interrupt him. For specifics, choose zas on the matchups tab of the voldo bible.
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    NEC19 Donation Drive to get Kura in attendance!

    Did this wind up succeeding?
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    Reverse Edge needs a nerf

    tl;dr i'd rather put you on ignore Nah, as far as I can tell, every RE is different. Its a toss up which direction they track, if at all. The second hit of Zas' RE for instance tracks to his left iirc, but its actually one of the slowest to come out, which means it can be interrupted before...
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    Reverse Edge needs a nerf

    Here's an example for everyone: You can step Yoshi's RE to his left after some safe attacks, but not to his right. Voldo can even A+K to escape it. Just takes a little work in training mode to find the answer.
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    Reverse Edge needs a nerf

    PSA: Darkfender has been complaining in the same manner since SC4. Best take every post he makes with as much salt as you can. @SwingShot - I see what you're saying. You don't like the fact that RE starts the mini game even if you recover in time to block after the parry. What we're saying to...
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    Reverse Edge needs a nerf

    That +2 is still a +2. Learn which moves you can throw out then step after to avoid an RE. You can throw the move out, react to if you got RE'd, then do whatever. You can also use guard breaks to get through REs. RE is not a big deal if you learn to handle it accordingly. That goes for pretty...
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    22B hit confirm

    The key is to buffer 66666666666, then press B when you want 666B. So while the animation of 22B is happening, mash 6 during it, then 6+B as soon as you recover. A good rule of thumb is to be buffering 66666666 whenever you're guarding. That way you always have 666B locked for a whiff punish.
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    Oki / Wake up when back turned

    If BS 8wr BB isn't working, BS 1B should track them on the ground. Also BS CR B, may have to delay it a little though. Both are good options for rollers.
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    Gimpin' Ain't Easy Voldo General Discussion

    It can let you escape an RE when you have no other way to evade. For example, if the opponent REs your BB, you can use superfreak to avoid the RPS. You'll still be a negative, but won't have to deal with the RPS game.
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    Reverse Edge needs a nerf

    Reversal edge does NOT need a nerf.
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    Gimpin' Ain't Easy Voldo General Discussion

    Don't forget the G cancel from mantis recovers quickly. You can G cancel > step/GI a lot of supers and RE.
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    Northeast Championship 19

    Planning to attend.
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    Soul Calibur VI: General discussion

    Let's FT5 in SC6. Loser never posts on 8wayrun again.
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    Gimpin' Ain't Easy Voldo General Discussion

    Step it RE SC GI 2A interrupt wait for MC B+K whiff and punish it