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  • yuh u rite idk i just didnt like how people was sayin shit lol we should fight sometime who u use?
    Wassup Pimpin' thx for the info in that msg you sent to me... And thx for being my punching bag it really helped me get better lol! Nah but on da real playing Grange, You, Nem and a few other ppl has taking a tol' if you a Ghetto boy you cant be a bummy azz MF' huh? lol...
    no i beat oof...and all his bubble and 11a spam...and was not only kicked out the tourney but IP banned from javachat and taken off his psn FL as well.

    it is so pathetic it is hilarious.
    I was grabbing you because there wasn't much else for me to do at that point. I didn't want to be a grab queen, but there was input lag (though not very heavy) that made some combo's impossible. Guard impacting Lizardmans low stance and his A's was out of the question, all I could do when you get into stance as A+K~b. :(

    Oh well, like I said. I was just a little pissed off about that match, but you had a good strategy going for you and it worked. You forced my hand and put my setsuka into unfavorable situations, even though I acted like a clown that was still some pro shit on your part.

    But next time, i'm having none-a-that.
    my game will develop rather quickly over the next few weeks as i get back into calibur and learn my new character

    i've tried playing other characters after playing Hilde and i'm afraid that i will not be able to go back. that's because it's takes a special button configuration to play with her.

    and I always find myself charging with other characters when i don't have to. like i said, there is no turning back...

    btw, i see what you're saying. i got a taste of oof's yoda last night and that shit wasn't pretty. i wonder if it's just a matter of learning how to fight him or if he's just ban worthy. either way, Evo will allow it(yoda) so he must be dealt with.
    Thx. I haven't been playing for a while so I have been sucking as of late. Look for me online.
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