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    Calamity Symphony

    Try to slide your finger through the directions of the command grab (pressing other directions in between, doesn't matter). Do it very slowly at first, even If the grab doesn't come out. As your thumb acquires muscle memory, you'll be able to move through the directions faster and faster...
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    SCVI Ivy's Move Analysis

    Definitely, since it has good range and seems faster than SS (although this needs to be tested) Also there is a just frame version of CS (iCS), which I haven't tested, but I imagine it will be much more difficult to break
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    SCVI Ivy's Move Analysis

    On another note I'm having fun using B+K Seems to have some good evade properties :)
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    SCVI Ivy's Move Analysis

    CS input is 3746916 A+G Seems to suck the opponent in well like in sc4 It is definitely breakable like any other throw, since many opponents so far have escaped it.
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    Calamity Symphony

    it is 3746916 A+G seems easier to do than previous games and with much better buffer window
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    SOULCALIBUR 6: WishList Thread

    I wish they included Z.W.E.I. in future DLC. that's all :)
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    Ivy General Submissions for Discussion

    I'm with you in all that you mentioned. I also believe that even if she is nerfed, she still has the best gameplay being able to use all of her fancy moves and stuff. About 4b7, you mentioned it is better now. Is it still a GB move that sends opponents far away on block?
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    Game breaking : Ivy nearly duplicate animation 2B+K and 2A+G but require different guard.

    Both moves can be GIed on reaction. GI in VI is universal (no low GI existent). So no true mixup for Ivy, that's why they gave her the fake ground stab. To make her able to mix this. Most players having played this game so far, are not familiar with the universal GI mechanic. Most of them have...
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    SCVI Ivy's Move Analysis

    thx @Nofacekill3r for your time to provide us with all this info A couple of questions If you seem to remember: 1. can she do sc4 wp 1_2_3 b+k without SE (or only on SE)? 2. does she have sc4 wp 6 a+b (with UB)? 3. what about sc4 wp 1b? 4. CS range? 5. sc4 sw 22_88k or 2a+k (sweep)? 6. any...
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    Soul Calibur 6 Discussion

    The only thing for NB to do is to show themselves some love and support for the game. There is no way that (we) their community will not support them If they put some effort into the next calibur game. I can't really describe what exactly "effort" means, but although SCV wasn't a bad game, it...
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    Project Soul wants to know your favorite characters!

    It's been some time to hear this positive news (thank god this narutard-games hype is nearly over and they can finally focus on other things)
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    Soulcalibur VI Petition

    Now THAT'S a post that'd make me login after more than a year in these forums! Good luck with your petition Zane! You have the support of the Greek community as well. I'll try and promote this in every way that I can :) Although to be entirely honest I'd favour a possible Soul Calibur 6 title...
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    SC5 Greekdojo Casuals - Nikolas (SG) VS dittO (ZW) - [1]

    Soul Calibur 5 casual matches at Greek Dojo Arena
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    SC5 Greekdojo Casuals - Nikolas (VO) VS dittO (ZW) - [1]

    Soul Calibur V casual matches at Greek Dojo Arena
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    SC5 Greekdojo Casuals - Metzos (AL) VS dittO (ZW) - [2]

    Soul Calibur 5 casuals at Greek Dojo Academy