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  • Yes, I think so. I'll try to convince Di to come with me too (he's more into Tekken now. Will there be any tekken there?) but I can't yet say if we will be able to make it. I heard about this from an I vy player XshadeX. He said he is going to be there along with his brother Locy (a good Mitsu player)
    Hey, what's with E.B.O this year? I was asked yesterday by an Austrian player if I'm gonna be there. I had no idea it's planned. Supposedly on august, is that correct? And is it gonna be held in Wriezen like the last time?
    i was wondering, for the team battle on Friday, will u all play with your German comrades? or will u mix people??
    Unfortunately, there was no SC4 tournament. A lot of people resigned, because it turned out that the event would last for about 8-9 hours only, and it was being held in a city close to the borderline with Belarus, while most of the SC players in Poland live in the west side of the Country. So in the end, the whole event focused on Tekken, which is the most popular fighting game in Poland. I wouldn't be able to go anyway, because a few days before the event I caught a terrible flu in a cinema =( IMO the chances for a polish team in Cannes are pretty slim. I'd love to go but you know how it is... money.
    Whuts up doc? Just wanted to know if the best cervantes out thr has a ps3 account n if so when can we train?
    Thanks! Congrats on placing 3rd. I saw FT5 results posted by Neo on German SC forum. I was a bit surprised by Adamas' performance =( what happened to him? I expected him to do better.
    Hey Doc! Can you tell me who won German nationals? Ive read your post saying that there was Neo vs Dagotth in the finals. Who are top 5 players?
    Ach übrigens, hab 10:1 und 10:0 gespielt.... verloren. :)
    Außer gegen seine Hilde, da hab's auf ein 9:9 geschafft.
    evin though we live pretty faie away id like to play you somtime online it wouldn't be to prove our skill ive just heard good things about you and id like to improve my cervantes
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