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    1.30 patch addition works...but can't find in move list.

    So, :3::(B): was added today in 1.30 to go into Stalker after Spread Wing. It works. And is absolutely great. But...I can't find it listed anywhere in her move list in-game. I guess I'm just being finicky about the information included in the game, but curious if that's truly the case...
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    Custom Characters in Ranked

    Toggle or just a global disable...something should be done.
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    So... is Maxi gay or not?

    Nothing explicit. Maybe implied? I forget and I just did Maxi's story mode a week or two ago. I just have a bad memory. But here, take a look. Unless there was other implied stuff in the main chapter of Soul Chronicle.
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    Soul Calibur VI: General discussion

    hmm...kinda makes me wonder... S1 DLC is 4 characters right? Tira (as a "bonus"), 2B, ___/___ (let's say Cass/Amy). I'm thinking if there's a S2, it'll definitely be Hwang (if not in S1. Then put Amy/Cass here). But how about another guest character? Maybe a new character? Would Setsuka...
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    How do the 8WR Rankings work?

    Just a broad general question, I suppose. Like, I see Linkorz is ranked #1 w/ a Score of 1495, but the winner of Senpai's Weekly gets 1500 pts. So Score =/= Points, I can infer. How is score determined? How can we report events? What weeklies, monthlies, etc are worth reporting in order to...
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    Soul Calibur 6: Technical Gameplay discussion

    The patch today (on PC) addresses customization and online, but apparently it's unknown how yet. Maybe it'll address the CaS hurtboxes just for online?
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    Help with multi-quote, please

    I think you have to "reply" after you're done w/ all the quotes you want. But don't quote me on that (no pun intended. kinda).
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    Seong Mi-na General Info/Discussion

    So, I've noticed after knocking an opponent down w/ 2A+B, there's a window where her 5B becomes a 3B. I have to wait about a second before I can press 5B to act as 5B. It seems to only be after the 2A+B knockdown and no other. I couldn't find it anywhere in her move list as some canned combo...
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    Seong Mi-na Combos

    thanks for this!
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    Seong Mi-na General Info/Discussion

    So, is her ponytail an extension? Or does it just get chopped off on armor breaks? Kappa
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    Seong Mi-na Trailer Analysis/Video Thread

    Having a lot of fun w/ her. I haven't jumped too deep in watching tech vids, like above, just kinda discovering things for myself. Need to improve my otg game and general reads on other characters (Siegfrieders keep killing me on lows).
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    Seong Mi-na Trailer Analysis/Video Thread

    Is that when you get home? Or is that PS4's/XB's digital release time? Steam says I can start playing at 2pm PST...if you're sitting and waiting for it (like i am lol).
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    First mode you'll play?

    Ok, so my plan has changed. There's a local on 10/21 (ugh, a tourney on a Sunday...) that'll have SC6. So looks like I'll actually be primarily focused on Practice and maybe online matches in order to get ready. But AFTER that, THEN it's Soul Chronicle! =D
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    Board games

    I love board games. For a good chunk of 2016-17 it was my main hobby, w/ about 2-3 sessions a week. Now? I maybe play once every other month. My hobby time priorities have shifted to video games, anime, and a little bit of comic books. =\ I have played both of those games you mentioned...
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    twitch streamers

    Do you need confirmation that they'll be streaming SC6 as their main game? And how high level of tournament play? was pulling all-nighters streaming the beta and is a Portland area tournament regular. He currently streams BBTag (a lot), but it seemed like once SC6 drops...