Transcending History...

-Owned SoulCalibur II since 2003, played the hell out of it. Clocked about 5-800 hours total (gamecube twice (memory card erased) and HD Online once).

-Got Broken Destiny in about 2009. Clocked 50 hours or so.

-Got V late 2012. Clocked a good 700+ hours on it.

-Grabbed IV around 2013/14. Clocked about 300 hours. Favorite Version of Mitsurugi on there--Love me some 2 Mitsu.
-Finally got my hands on a ps2 and SCIII in 2016. Maybe 60 hours clocked.

Stance on SCV?
I don't hate V as much as most people seem to, I can play the entire board on that one (Not Natsu or Viola though).
Best Characters: Mitsurugi, Yoshimitsu, Astaroth, Nightmare
Shit-tier characters that I like: ZWEI, Rock, Devil Jin
Ps3 & Ps4: E4Ducky -Add me if you wanna tussle.


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